McConnells Mill Challenges

McConnells Mill State Park has a lot to offer. If you are looking for some physical challenges you will not be disappointed, from long hikes or jogging the trails, to scampering up steep slopes or rock climbing, there is something for all. And if your challenge is simply walking a mile in some beautiful scenery, there is that as well. Though you are cautioned to be careful, climbing deaths are not uncommon and leaving the trails is not advised for most. Slippery rocks and loss of footing when fording streams is another hazard.

Challenge #1 - 8.85 mile jog/walk starting starting at Hell's Run parking lot.

A jog/walk 8.85 mile course completed in 2hrs 14min. Start at the Hell's Hollow parking lot, take the left turn onto the Slippery Rock Gorge Trail, after two miles take the left towards Walnut Flats, then head just past the top of the hill on the other side of Walnut Flats (see Topo line, follow 1200' elevation for about 150 yards). Turn around and head back. Completed June 2012.

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Accomplishments come in all shapes and sizes based on interest and current condition and health. Share what you have done in the comments section below. For some this might just be a simple walk, for others it could be a serious, hardcore trail run. Get up and move! You will feel better and live longer.

NOTE: If you have done done strenuous activity before, please consult you doctor.

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