Tuesday, November 20, 2012

McConnells Mill State Park - November 2012

If you have not been to McConnell's Mill State Park after the leaves have fallen and before snow or ice begins dominating the scenery, you are missing somenting. On a recent November 2012 visit to the park I was treated with some beautiful scenery. The day was clear and cool and in the upper 40s, a perfect day for a nice walk. Evidence of some sub-freezing temperatures was noted after seeing a few small ice cycles clinging to a few cliffs, but winter is scenery is still a month or two away. 

While walking part of the Slippery Rock Gorge Trail I also noticed how it was easier go off the trail without realizing it. In the summer there is enough vegetation surrounding the trail to help keep you on the path. With almost no vegetation and a bed of leaves covering everything, I had to stop a few times and look for trail markings on the trees or stop and think about where the trail actually was. The visit was another reminder of how lucky I was to have grown up just a few miles from the park. In the coming January or February I am looking forward to a winter visit to capture more images from the park. 

Narrow flume on Hell's Run just above the falls. At one time the water ran 
through a limestone cave. When the roof collapsed the channel was exposed. 
Photo taken with an iPhone 4s.

Flumes make for some interesting photographs. Photo taken with an iPhone 4s.
Hell's Run creek bed not far from the parking lot. Photo taken with an

iPhone 4s
The Mill at McConnells Mill State Park. Photo taken with an iPhone 4s.

Small tributary into Slippery Rock Creek, just below the Mill at McConnells
Mill State Park.

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